Why us? - ΥΓΕΙΑ IVF Εμβρυογένεσις

Why us?


Because our vision is to fulfill every couple’s dream of having a healthy baby. For this vision, a large team of scientists is working hard to offer the safest and most effective treatment to all couples.

  • The Unit is a member of the largest healthcare group in Greece, the Hellenic Healthcare Group.
  • The scientific team of the HYGEIA IVF Embryogenesis Unit has the longest experience in assisted reproduction, having assisted in bringing to life more than 70,000 babies.
  • The Unit is inexorably interwoven with the largest private hospitals in Greece. This way, you have access to dedicated services and the latest technology for anything you may need.
  • Together we can manage even the most challenging cases and infertility conditions.
  • We stand by your side and together we will make your dream come true.