Quality Management - ΥΓΕΙΑ IVF Εμβρυογένεσις

Quality Management

Quality Management System that covers the entire range of services and procedures (clinics, administrative, lab and auxiliary).

Quality Management System Certification ISO 15224

In this light, we have undertaken the following commitments:

  • We meet the needs, wishes and expectations of patients and their families, with the aim of satisfying them and providing optimal services. Our aim is to meet the requirements of employees, associates, as well as the wider community with regard to medical assisted reproduction services, occupational health & safety and the environment.
  • We pledge to provide superior services by having the necessary resources, fully trained personnel and cutting-edge technology, and applying good professional practices.
  • We comply with the applicable legal provisions and regulations in force from time to time, as well as the obligations we have accepted in writing concerning the provision of maternity care services achieved by methods other than normal intercourse between a man and a woman; the preservation and provision of human gametes, ovarian and testicular material as well as zygotes and fertilized eggs, intended for research purposes or as part of Medical Assisted Reproduction; the safety and health of employees and the environment; and the protection of personal data.
  • We meet the requirements of the certification standard we have been awarded:
    • EN 15224 – Quality management system – EN ISO 9001:2015 for healthcare
  • We apply the main principle of prevention to all business activities.
  • We protect the environment. We pledge to prevent pollution, use resources in a sustainable manner, mitigate our impact and adapt to climate change, and protect biodiversity and the ecosystems, by complying with the Greek and European laws.
  • We provide safe and healthy work conditions in order to prevent work accidents and diseases. We pledge to eliminate risks and not endanger health and safety at work. We pledge to consult and involve employees and their representatives.
  • We provide an environment of trust and a workplace safety culture, promoting open communication, active participation, diversity of opinions, protection of rights, accountability, safety, environmental responsibility, teamwork, training and staff development, goal attainment and recognition, when expectations are met.
  • We minimize any deviations  from our operational standards and best international practices. We mitigate the consequences of possible incidents, work and/or environmental accidents, and care for their effective and fast resolution.
  • We pledge to continuously improve our Quality Management System,so as to improve our performance and achieve our strategic goals for business excellence.

Quality Management System Certification ISO 15224