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Personalized Nutritional Support

Nutritional science helps as part of an assisted conception program. Dietary intake of specific nutrients creates the best possible conditions for conception and implantation, possibly improving the chances of success with in-vitro fertilization (IVF). In addition, nutritional support also contributes to the achievement of good functioning and rehabilitation of the female reproductive system, as well as enhancing fertility.

What is the importance of nutritional support in assisted reproduction?

As you are in the process of conceiving, nutrition can help boost fertility and help you achieve your goal through personalized and specific nutritional support. Specific nutritional protocols aim to optimize both egg and sperm quality, which are necessary to develop in a nutrient-rich environment, and health as a whole.

Women and men benefit from receiving all the appropriate nutrients, and nutritional support is complete and the effect is maximized when combined in the pair.
More specifically, nutritional support can contribute to:

  1. Improving the quality of eggs.
  2. Reduction of oxidative stress and sperm DNA fragmentation.
  3. Enhancing the fertility of sperm.


How can nutritional support help women’s reproductive health?

A well-designed individualized nutritional plan that includes all the essential nutrients needed, helps to achieve the proper functioning and recovery of the female reproductive system, as well as to enhance fertility.

More specifically, it achieves:

  • balancing the vaginal flora.
  • enhancing vaginal lubrication, reducing dryness and stimulating vaginal flow.
  • good blood circulation in the uterus and vagina.
  • preventing the development of pathogenic micro-organisms and fungal infections.
  • a lessening of the annoying symptoms before the period.
  • preventing the growth of cancer cells.
  • controlling of estrogen circulation.
  • nutritional support also in the case of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in the context of trying to conceive.
  • strengthening the entire immune system.


How to contact the clinical dietician of the HYGEIA IVF Embryogenesis Unit?

To make an appointment with the Clinical Dietician of the HYGEIA IVF Embryogenesis Unit, Mr. Evmenis P. Karafillides, you can call the secretariat of the center +30 2117500510 or contact the “Karafillides Nutrition” team at +30 6973514460.