Counseling & Psychological Support - ΥΓΕΙΑ IVF Εμβρυογένεσις

Counseling & Psychological Support

The process of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a medical and social situation that is often experienced as a stressful ordeal, which is distressing for both partners, perhaps in different ways. The staff of the HYGEIA IVF Embryogenesis Clinic recognize the emotional needs of women and couples and provide sessions with a psychologist throughout the procedure, under strict confidentiality and security, at no extra charge.

Counseling focuses on informing and managing the emotions and thoughts that develop during the process. Couples are not left alone in this process. Our goal is to inspire a pleasant and optimistic mood in the couples, so there is balance and optimism through every step of the process.  Research shows that providing counseling prior to treatment significantly improves infertility-related stress in both women and couples, and promotes their emotional well-being.Specifically, counseling may help by:
  • Giving the opportunity to explore thoughts and emotions.
  • Acknowledging fears, anxieties and emotions.
  • Exploring different coping strategies.
  • Increasing your ability to communicate your needs and emotions.
  • Addressing successfully external pressures (e.g. family, social circle) that may intensify the stress.
  • All couples who come to the HYGEIA IVF Embryogenesis Assisted Reproduction Unit at any stage of the procedure (before starting, during the egg retrieval/embryo transfer procedures, after the results).
  • Before starting the procedure/during the first visit: The role of the psychologist at this stage is mainly informative and advisory and the goal is to inform and mentally prepare for the following stages.
  • In cases when couples or women proceed with donor eggs or sperm: The role of the psychologist is informative and advisory related to the questions/anxiety/fears that many couples or women express and think about when they need to take the decision to become parents.
  • In cases when the couple uses surrogacy. 

Counseling can be a continuous process or performed for the first time before or after the course of treatment.

  • The service is free-of-charge and to schedule an appointment with the psychologist of the Unit you can contact the Center’s reception on +30 2117500510.
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is possible to receive counseling support online.
  • The sessions are either individual or couple therapy.
  • The sessions last for as long as the woman or couple need the help of a specialist.
We are standing by you every step of the way to remind you that you are not alone in this dream, we are in this together.